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Current Research in

Imago Relationship

Theory and Therapy

Imago Relationship Theory and Therapy is a research supported therapy.  Below is a list of articles, publications and books that include a large body of research that has been done on Imago Relationship Theory and the Imago Relationship Counseling.   

System Level spatial-frequency EEG changes coincident with a 90-day cognitive-behavioral therapy program for couples in relationship distress

This explorative study recorded 32-channel EEGs  from nine committed distressed couples prior to, during and immediately following the Imago Relationship Therapy program.

Imago Therapy and Accurate Empathy

Fourteen individuals participated in Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) group training and intervention. The sessions were carried out at a public institution of higher education in the southwest and facilitated by a Certified Imago Therapist. The study followed an experimental control group design. Findings indicate that while accurate empathy responding remained low, as well as constant, across time in the control group, participation in the Imago Relationship Therapy sessions strongly increased one’s ability to accurately empathize with their partner/spouse. This study provides strong evidence for a theoretical goal of IRT, namely that it improves accurate empathic responding for individuals who have received the intervention.  Read More

Theresa A. Beeton, PhD 

Comprehensive summary of Imago Research  


 M.T. Hannah, W. Luquet, J. McCormack 

COMPASS as a measure of the efficacy of couples therapy 

The American Journal of Family Psychotherapy

Harville Hendrix, PhD 

The Evolution of Imago Relationship Therapy


D. Feldman, G.B. Kahn 

The Integration of Relationship-Focused Group Therapy with Couples Treatment 

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

Wendy Lawson 

Improving Couple Communication through The Imago Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples 


Kimberly R. Flemke, Howard Protinski 

Imago and EMDR 

Journal of Family Psychotherapy 

Wade Luquet, Lamar Muro

Imago Relationship Therapy Alignment with Marriage and Family Common Factors

The Family Journal:  Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families

M. McMahon

Applying Stolorow’s Theory of Intersubjectivity to Hendrix’s Imago Techniques 

Smith College Studies in Social Work

Jea Eun Oh, Victor Minichiello,

Psychosocial Development in South Korean Couples and Its Effects on Marital Relationships

Journal of Family Psychotherapy

C.A. Robbins 

ADHD Couple and Family Relationships: Enhancing Communications and Understanding through Imago Relationship Therapy 

Journal of Clinical Psychology

Books on Imago Theory


Imago -Perspectives in Theory (Can be purchased in the ImagoShop)

Hendrix, Hunt, Luquet, Hannah Josey-Bass

Offers an overview of the highly successful Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) and the relationship of IRT with preceding schools of thought such as psychoanalytic theory, family systems theories, affect theory, and self-psychology

Short-Term Couples Therapy, Second Edition: The Imago Model in Action

Wade Luquet, PhD

Luquet sets out a standardized approach to delivering Imago Therapy in 6 sessions, and provides results from research which demonstrates this model’s effectiveness.

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