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Intensive Couples Counseling

intensive couples counseling,one,two or three day,
A weekend to reverse the direction your relationship is going

A couples counseling intensive with Dr. Victor can be a defining moment.  It can turn your relationship around and get it started in a whole new direction.  Over the course of the intensive, you and your partner will gain new insights and awareness.  You will learn how to make the shift needed.

In your private couples intensive, you and your partner can get your relationship moving in the right direction because:
  • You’ll be away from routines and distractions, so you and your partner will be able to give your relationship the concentrated focus and attention your relationship deserves.

  • All of your time will be private one on one time with Dr. Victor.  There is no group work.

  • All of your work will be highly confidential.

  • You and your partner will have a highly personalized experience.  Dr. Victor will be with you giving you personal guidance throughout the process.

  • You and your partner will rapidly develop a sense of safety which will allow you to dive into the issues and deal with them head-on.

  • You’ll get the concentrated time you need to make rapid progress.

Although we can’t solve everything in one weekend, what you can expect to accomplish with Dr. Victor's guidance is:
  1. Quickly turn your relationship around, so it won’t go over the edge.

  2. Regain the sense of partnership with your beloved that has likely been lost.

  3. Rediscover the person you fell in love with.

  4. Send you home with a specific plan, so you’ll continue to make progress.

Can I expect success?

if you have read this far, then you are very serious about your relationship.  That is a wonderful indicator of the possibility of your success.  It is very important to have realistic expectations.  The intensive is the beginning point or a transition point in your relationship.  It is a moment in time that you can look back to in the months and years ahead and say that was the moment that things shifted for me.  That was the time that I began my conscious intentional journey of healing and growth with my partner. 


Your relationship is a living journey.  Like any living thing, it requires tender loving care.  When life gets busy the first thing we tend to put on the back burner is our relationship.  When your relationship is on the back burner it either grows cold or gets burnt. 


If you approach this intensive as the beginning of a new journey and commit to staying on the journey with conscious and intentional follow up, your success is likely.  If you see this as one and done, then, in time, your relationship will likely return to where it is now.  So the intensive will supercharge your work and give you tools for healing and growth.  However, nurturing your relationship is a life-long journey.  It can be a joyful journey of renewal and exciting discovery, none the less it is a life-long journey not a one or two or three day pit stop.

 A One Two or Three Day

Couples Counseling Intensive

May be Right for You​

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Getting the

Love You Want workshop

Check Out the

Getting the Love

You Want Workshop

couples workshop, getting the love you want, imago, dialogue, one two or three day
Here’s What to expect in your Couples Counseling Intensive

Becky or I will help you decide if an intensive is a good fit for you. If it is,then we’ll decide together what will best meet your needs, a one day (6 hr), a two day (12 hr), or a three day (18 hr) intensive. 

  • In your intensive we’ll work together in a highly focused way for five to six hours each day.  We will take breaks as needed and a 90-minute lunch break.   

  • Your intensive will be tailored to best meet the needs of your relationship. 

  • The work you do will be done together with your partner in the room.  Dr. Victor does not separate partners because he recognizes that the work of restoring, healing and growing the relationship is between the partners and both partners are essential to the healing and growth.  If either you or your partner feel a need to do some separate work we will discuss that and decide.  

  • Throughout the intensive Dr. Victor will guide dialogues between you and your partner in a way that creates an atmosphere of safety and connection.  

  • In the first phase of the intensive, Dr. Victor will facilitate a safe and open exploration of the issues, the unique perspectives each partner has, and the adaptations each partner has developed.

  • In the second phase of the intensive you and your partner will gain a deeper understanding of the full picture of the unconscious dynamics in the exchange between you and your partner.  You will explore what is supporting the relationship and what is hurting the relationship. 

  • The third phase of the intensive is an exploration of each partner's growth edge and how stepping into the growth will strengthen the relationship. 

  • The intensive will conclude with a look toward the future.  Dr. Victor will facilitate dialogues between you and your partner to explore how you will follow up to insure your healing, your partners healing, and the relationships healing and growth.  The goal here is to develop new images of yourself, your partner and your relationship.  Then create a new vision for yourself, your partner, and a shared vision with your partner for your relationship.  

Begin the Process Today

  • Give Becky a call 618-516-3338

  • She will listen to your situation

  • She will answer any questions or concern you have

  • She will explore various options

  • She will help you decide what your next step is


We are here to serve you and to guide you into growing the relationship of your dreams.  Give us a call today and let the healing begin.

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