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After the Affair:

An Imago Approach to Effective Couples Counseling

When One Partner

Violates The Trust

Dr. Tony Victor



  • This 90 minute webinar replay will help therapists to be conscious and compassionate with both partners as the couple enters therapy following a violation of trust in the relationship due to an affair.   

  • This webinar will help therapists identify and  own counter-transference and use of “self.” The end-point is to provide the therapist with skills and tools to assist couples move from the despair of rupture to repair and the joy of connection.

  • This webinar will examine how "Exits" are used as a balancing energy force in the relationship.  (An exit is acting out feelings rather than expressing them in words.  Any behavior or activity that allows one to avoid involvement in their relationship is an exit.)   Exits are unconsciously used as a "safe" way to get needs met when expressing them is experienced as "unsafe.”

  • This webinar will examine the psychosocial dynamics that create a fertile environment for affairs to happen. While the person who chooses to have the affair is solely responsible for his or her actions, both partners have played a role in creating the environment.  Both partners will play key roles in repairing the relationship and restoring the joy of connection or mutually ending the relationship. 

  • This webinar will empower therapists to provide a warm empathic presence with both partners to work through the tragic pain and distress that results from an affair; and facilitate a healthy exploration for both partners to make healthy conscious decisions about their relationship.

  • This webinar will offer proven techniques to help both partners heal and regain the capacity to trust moving forward.

Learning Objectives

1.  Explain the therapist’s role in establishing a safe and empathic structure when couples are polarized and in crisis.

2.  Give the therapist a unique perspective on the role of affairs and what causes them to happen.
3.  Therapist self assess counter-transference and potential  to inadvertently sabotage their work with crisis couples.

About the Presenter

Tony Victor, D.Min., LCPC is the Co-founder and co-owner of the Midwest Relationship Center, LLC.  A family man, he is married to the love of his life Becky the co-owner and office manager of MRC.  Together they are the proud grandparents of 7 amazing grandchildren.  Dr. Tony is the past dean and a clinical faculty member of the Imago International Training Institute.  He has provided advanced therapists training globally, and has been in private practice for more than 30 years specializing in couples therapy.  His articles have been published in journals, newspapers and popular magazines including First for Women Magazine and several of the Illinois Counseling Association journals.  Dr. Victor is the Relationship Expert Contributor to the St. Claire Connector a monthly publication.  Dr. Victor is available for public speaking engagements. or


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What Previous Attendees Have Said

This workshop has changed my perspective of an affair and my understanding of both partner's perspectives and not just the person having the affair.

Great presentation!  I would attend an entire week on this if Tony was presenting

This training was highly informative and thoroughly explained.  I have a new appreciation for how partners can collude to be comfortable instead of moving toward deeper intimacy.

Well informed presentation enhanced  by an informative Q&A.

Best couples counseling class I have attended in 18 yrs.

This course was very informative and helpful for my practice.

I loved Dr. Tony's personal and professional energy.

Best presentation of the whole conference.

Great presentation!  I have a much better understanding of dynamics in couples counseling.  Dr. Victor demonstrated the best example of reflective listening I have ever seen.

I am much better prepared to work with couples dealing with affairs.

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